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Fibaro Home Center 3

Home Center 3 – the most advanced smart home gateway on the market.

  • Unquestionable data security
  • Cutting-edge speed & stability – reliable home
  • Seamless integration – use what you already own
  • Unlimited possibilities – for the little and the great needs
  • Future-proof – enjoy your smart home for years




Explore a smart home with no limits

Based on 10 years experience and numerous comments from FIBARO users and installers, Home Center 3 is the most advanced smart home management unit in the world.
Modern and reliable device that will allow you to control all of the smart home features in an easy way – a simple press of a button, a gesture or a word make your smart home alive.

A unique approach to quality

When designing Home Center 3, focus was on users who require the highest quality from the very beginning. Fibaro decided to design a dedicated platform from scratch in their R&D department. Compared to the solutions available on the market, this is top performance and reliability in one.

Quad-core Arm Cortex A53 (1.2 GHz) processor

1,3x faster processor than Home Center 2

8GB Hard Drive

4x larger flash memory than Home Center 2


2x more RAM memory than Home Center 2

Ready to integrate

HC3 is the quintessence of integration in the Internet of Things environment. Experience the Quick Apps, a new, universal mechanism that unifies usability of all connected devices within smart home system.

Safety first

Data and access to FIBARO smart home are well protected. All up-to-date security matters make the Home Center 3 a data fortress that keeps the privacy safe.

Fast configuration process

The new configuration process is much simpler and quicker. In a few short steps, in just several dozen minutes, a smart home system tailored to the needs of residents is ready to use.

Devices panel – all in one place

All devices connected to the system are now available within one screen. To shorten the time necessary to create the FIBARO System, the installer assign them to rooms, change icons and parameters on one screen. No more jumping between several tabs or pages.

household profiles

Customized profiles are a set of settings that customize the entire home just as you like it to be. Automation profiles are one-click actions to manage smart home scenarios. A person leaving the house can choose the “Absence” profile and the system will do the rest, including turning off all lights, lowering the temperature, arming the alarm or closing the blinds.


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