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Smart Home Cable Design

We will design a comprehensive cable infrastructure that will Future Proof your Home for all current and future technologies.

Wire your home for all current and future home technology.

  • Home Network
  • Home Office
  • CCTV
  • Home Cinema
  • Multi Room Audio
  • Digital TV Distribution
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Heating

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A lot of the smart devices we use today use wireless technology to access the internet. But some of the more bandwidth heavy devices in our homes, such as Multi Room Audio, CCTV, Video Streaming, Home Cinema require a direct wired connection to your internet in order to work, and not conflict with the wireless devices in the home. By using both wired and wireless technology in your home will reduce “lag” on your homes internet and over all network.

Our Wiring Diagram and Cable Schedule will provide your architect and electrician with a comprehensive guide for installing a future proof cable infrastructure that will open your home to a world of digital technology products and services, now, and in the future. Your home will be cabled to provide your family access to all the latest in digital home services  such as – Smart TV, Video Streaming, Zoom, Multi-Room Broadband, Home Office Networking, Online Gaming Solutions, Multi-Room Audio, Home Cinema, CCTV and more upcoming technologies in the future, in every room of your home.

Wiring Diagram
The Wiring Diagram takes the floor plans, and plots out the various cable infrastructure points around the home. Including Smart TV points, Phone, Broadband and Network points, based on the home owners requirements. Speaker, CCTV, and Surround Sound Points can also be incorporated in the diagram plans. Each point is numbered and labelled, so as to be easily identified and ready for connection at the installation phase.

Cable Schedule
Based on the Wiring Diagram, the Cable Schedule outlines the cables that are required at each point. It is easy to follow and will allow your electrical contractor to run all the required cabling early in the construction of your home during the first fix installation phase.

The schedule outlines the specific points in each room, the height of points , the back box size required at the point, the number and type of cables to be run to the point, and  to where the cables are  to  be run.

As with the Cable Diagram, each point is numbered and labelled, making it easily identified and ready for connection at the installation phase.




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